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The Bible Stories
Thank you for your interest in the Bible Stories. Because you may have reviewed the sample books at the Doctors office, or other places of advertisement, you can now purchase with confidence.
There are three ways to purchase this books as follows:
1.  Pay the Cash price plus shipping, handling and your local state tax.
* 2.  Make a down payment of 20% minimum and pay off the balance in 90 days same as cash.
* 3.  Make a down payment of 15% minimum and finance the balance with a payment as low as 8% of the balance and periodic finance rate of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance (18% APR)
*You may purchase these plans by calling 845-326 2964 using your credit/debit card .
Bible Reference Library - 12 volumes Cost $ 450.00
A beautiful 12 volume library which combines the 10 volume commentary on the Bible in a devotional style, along with Bible Readings for the Home, a two-volume, verse by verse study guide to over 300 vital scriptural topics. Written especially for people without theological training, it helps you to find answers to your questions about God, what happens when a person dies, whether angels are real, and thousands of other topics. Twelve volumes, hardcover.
Customer Testimonial -"We use these books in our Bible study...they are very helpful in our walk with the Lord." - C.A.
Bedtime Stories- 5 volumes Cost $ 200.00
Presents 200 real stories with full color illustrations. Each volume has an index of stories by topic in an easy to read style. The stories teach values such as respect, courtesy, obedience, kindness, honesty, and much more. 960 pages in five volumes, hardcover.
The Bible Story - 10 volumes Cost $ 428.00
This set holds more than 400 Bible stories for school-age children. Each story begins and ends in the same volume. Every page has full color illustrations that give life to the story captivating the attention, helping them to understand its context. The stories are presented in simple language and in a very attractive and real way. They teach children moral values, principles, and the way to God. 1,950 pages in ten volumes, hardcover.
My Bible Friends - 5 volumes Cost $ 170.00
This special set is designed for preschool children, is completely illustrated in full color and focuses on the main characters of the Bible. It presents the story of Moses, Joseph, Noah, Esther, Daniel, Jesus and other famous people of the Bible. The text is easy for your child to understand with large text and illustrations. 540 pages in five volume, hardcover.
Great Stories for Kids- 5 volumes Cost $ 198.00
Set five volumes holding contemporary stories and full color illustrations. The stories are presented in a moral context helping children to relate to topics such as prayer, self-esteem, sex, fear, violence, and many other problems of the the world today. 957 pages in five volumes, hardcover.
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