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Encyclopedia of Foods and their Healing Power - 3 volumesThis is a modern and concise encyclopedia that presents the latest research on food science, nutrition, and dietetics. With almost 700 foods from 5 continents described and around 300 recipes, the information contained in this encyclopedia is based on the latest research centers of Europe, America, and other continents. 1,278 pages in three volumes, hardcover.

Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants- 2 volumesThis is a complete, up-to-date, and scientific encyclopedia, based on rigorous botanical, pharmaceutical, and chemical research. More than 470 plants are botanically described and classified by diseases. Numerous natural treatments are explained with clear illustrations and simple language. Numerous charts that describe the most frequent disorders and the plants that possess the active principles to correct them. 795 pages in two volumes, hardcover. 
Healthy Foods - 1 volume
A one volume summary of the Encyclopedia of Foods and their Healing Power (3 volumes) by Dr. Pamplona-Roger. It analyzes more than 300 foods that are good for the different organs of the body as well as the best way to prepare and use them. The book holds an index of the diseases discussed and also of the foods that are presented. 394 pages in one volume, hardcover.
Less Stress! - 1 volume
A complete guide on stress, this book discusses the different aspects, phases and causes of stress and most importantly: how to face and prevent stress in order to enjoy life in all its fullness. 189 pages in one volume, hardcover.
Free from Addictions - 1 volume ( Call for Price.)
This volume presents a positive and practical approach not just to face up to drugs, other addictive objects and their after-effects; but also to promote and facilitate self-control over addictive human tendencies.
Not just drugs, both legal and illegal, but many other objects, behaviors and situations can be addictive: gambling, sex, work, television, violence… That is why it is important to focus on addiction itself (that is what all dependences, as such, have in common) and, from there, to learn how to overcome it.
Bundled with this book is a DVD, Free from Tobacco, with a practical method to stop smoking – one of the most widespread and harmful drug dependencies. It demonstrates how, in just a few days, exercising our willpower and following natural methods, victory is possible over this habit. 191 pages in one volume with DVD, hardcover.
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